Context with a professional Femdom Mistress skilled in all fetishes. You will be hypnotized by her seduction and dominated by her power as she takes you step by step through your fantasy fetish. Always real, always powerful, experience the satisfaction of a beautiful Mistress in the privacy of a webcam setting or over the phone.

Femdom Pleasures


Your dick gets you into so much trouble, doesn’t it? Maybe you should just hand over the reigns to someone that actually knows what to do with it. No worries… Mistress knows exactly what you need.



You are so fucking pathetic!! Lol. Can’t get enough, can you? Jerking your little dick just for my amusement, knowing damn well I’ll only bring you pain. You’d think you’d learn your lesson by now, but you never do. 



Like a good girl you will stand correctly at attention, bosom thrust out, belly in. You will curtsey with grace and humility, and My precious little whore, you will Be My Little Bitch! Wouldn’t You Like to Become the Best Sissy Girl You Can Be?


I’ll be the cuckold Princess of your dreams and you can be my pet boy toy anxiously awaiting to hear all about the dates I go on that you paid for. If you’re really good I’ll even give you a yummy cream pie pussy treat to clean up. On your knees slave!


Financial Domination

You will tribute and pamper me with gifts because you are too sexually inadequate for anything else. You’ll do anything for me, all you want to do is pay your Princess. You get so hard paying me for the humiliation and abuse that you crave and deserve.

Mommy Son Domme

Are you ready to let me take full control of your mind, your cock, and your wallet? Of course you are. As soon as you heard my voice, you were ready.

a little about..


Come tell your therapist your problems, I always have the right thing to say. Are you ready to let me take full control of your mind, your cock, and your wallet? Of course you are. we will work through your issues with various treatments not limited to humiliation, we may explore the world of suggestion through a seductive, compelling trance, Find a new mind space through intoxication and explore other realms of sexuality through feminization and bisexuality.

Intoxicating & deliriously evil. Call 1-888-504-0181 NOW for the finest in femdom, fetish, SPH, JOI, CEI, Foot Fetish, Findom,  Findom, and Humiliation. I am a your Goddess, I always get what I want and quite simply it’s My way or the highway! I enjoy boys who are naturally submissive, polite, obedient, loyal and respectful. Those who follow direction and orders to the letter, and those who ask questions politely and never assume. I am a Lifestyle Pro Domina and Fetishist with many interests that include : CP, spanking, paddling, caning, latex clothes, cuckold, humiliation, SPH and CEI especially, sissification, CFNM, tease & denial, chastity training, orgasm denial, financial domination, key holding, mind games, foot/shoe/boot worship, Lycra and have a great collection of shoes, from heels to trainers, pumps, thongs/flip flops – which are all the better to spank you with!